Welcome to designer Gardens blog.

I decided to become a garden designer after moving down to Dorset from East Anglia.  As I loved gardening so much that I decided to take an RHS qualification in Horticulture, which I passed with a distinction.   Hard work, but worth it.

There was a limit as to how many times I could get away with changing my own garden which always looked good anyway – I always wanted to try out new things and put in different plants and themes every so often.  SO …..  when my friend suggested we embark upon a garden design course at the Arts Institute in Bournemouth, it seemed like the perfect solution.  Away I went!

Of course, I was then completely hooked on the whole gardening ‘thing’ and decided to do an advanced qualification at The Garden Design School in Painshill in Surrey.  A very intensive 1 year course run by 2 well known and respected garden designers – Robin Templar Williams & Moira Farnham.

Then I let myself loose on the unsuspecting public!  What a great time I am having – meeting lots of lovely people and designing some fabulous gardens in the process.  Working with experienced landscapers and joining the British Association Landscape Industries (BALI) has put my career on a professional footing.

I am also a member of the Society of Garden Designers and together with BALI, I keep up to date with all the latest design practices, legislation and new innovations by attending workshops and seminars all over the country.

I also write for 2 magazines – the Poundbury Newsletter in Dorchester and the Milborne St Andrew Reporter.

I hope you like my blog and find it interesting.  I would love to hear from anyone who takes the time to look at it.


Designer Gardens team in tandem

1 Response to Home

  1. Eveleen says:

    Hello Maureen,
    This is by far the best blog I have received on the subject. It got straight on with my transfer. THANK YOU…

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