Container Gardening

Using containers in the garden is an ideal way of brightening up a dull area, or filling gaps in the border by a plant that has already flowered.  A patio, deck, balcony, or doorstep can provide enough space for a productive, attractive display.  You could put pots of spring bulbs in the borders, and then you don’t have the problem of what to do with all those straggly leaves that have to be left untouched for 6 weeks! You only need to move the container to an unused part of the garden – or empty it and fill with summer flowering plants.  Windows always look so pretty with a lovely planted window box underneath.

The best effects are achieved if you use a mixture of trailing and upright plants – trailing plants mask the edges of the container.  Plants that combine both flowers and foliage such as the trailing ivy leaved pelargonium flower all summer and really brighten up the space.

Think about your style of garden – is it formal or cottage style – reflect this in the plants that you use.  Different height variations of containers and plants will provide added interest.  Group pots in odd numbers to achieve the best effect.

Make sure that you use the correct soil for the plants you are growing, summer bedding plants benefit from the addition of water retaining gel mixed in with the compost.  Finally don’t forget to water the pots – even in the winter, or after a downpour as most of the water will have run off the leaves and will not have reached the soil.



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